Go Go Elite Traveller

The quickest way to travel

Every day is a new adventure with the Go Go Elite Traveller®, an exceptionally stable and maneuverable travel scooter. With easy disassembly and a convenient storage basket, the Go Go Elite Traveller® keeps up with your active life!

Versatility and stability in mobility

You’ve got a full day ahead of you. Feel confident that the Go Go Elite Traveller® mobility scooter is just as ready as you are. Its stability, versatility and power mean you don’t have to limit your destinations or worry about stopping halfway through the day to recharge.

One of the travel mobility scooter market’s leading models, the Go Go Elite Traveller® comes packed with all the right features to let you focus more on the journey and less on how you’re going to get there.

The Go Go Elite Traveller® mobility scooter includes an ergonomic 432 x 432 mm seat and a spacious deck for your feet and legs. The swivel-mount seat means you just have to sidle up alongside the dinner table and twist. It also makes disembarking so much simpler.

Feather-touch disassembly

When it’s time to go, Pride Mobility’s exclusive feather-touch, one-hand disassembly design lets you break it down quickly and stow it away for the ride. The heaviest piece weighs only 15,4 kg, which makes it a breeze to load into your trunk or back seat.

With a 135 kg weight capacity, maximum speeds of 6,4 km/h and a range of up to 19 km per charge, your Go Go Elite Traveller® gets you from here to there, and there and however many “theres” you have after that.

Can’t decide on the color? No problem. The Go Go Elite Traveller® comes standard with interchangeable red and blue shrouds!



Weight capacity 136 kg
Maximum speed 6,4 km/h
Ground clearance 35 mm
Turning radius 3-wheel: 838 mm
4-wheel: 1120 mm
Length 3-wheel: 940 mm
4-wheel: 1003 mm
Overall width 495 mm
Tires 3-wheel: Front: 8″
4-wheel: Front: 7″ solid
3- and 4-wheel: Rear: 8″ solid
Range per charge 3-wheel: Up to 16,75 km
4-wheel: Up to 15,5 km
Total weight without batteries 3-wheel: 34,25 kg
4-wheel: 36 kg
Heaviest piece when disassembled(Front section) 3-wheel: 13,5 kg
4-wheel: 15,5 kg
Standard seating Type: Folded
Material: Black Vinyl
Width: 432 mm
Depth: 432 mm
Weight: 10,25 kg
Drive System Rear-wheel drive, sealed transaxle, 24-volt DC motor
Dual Braking System Regenerative and electromechanical
Battery Requirements Quantity: 2
Type: Sealed lead-acid, deep cycle
Size: 12 or 18 Ah
Battery Weight 12 Ah: 8,8 kg
18 Ah: 13,5 kg
Battery charger 2 Amp off-board


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