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It is essential that you keep your mobility scooter in good working order in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. A reputable Mobility Scooter Dealer/Retailer should be able to answer any questions you might have about the maintenance of specific models.

 It is thought that a four wheeler may have a slight advantage, however we have seen four wheelers and three wheelers tipped over, it is usually the driver that makes the difference.

All Electric Mobility Scooters are supplied with IATA (The International Air Transport Association) compliant batteries when new. (Certificate available upon request). This certification is designed to ensure that batteries can safely cope with the environmental challenges presented by commercial air transport. Of course, if non approved batteries have been used as replacements for the original batteries then compliance would no longer be assured. (Make sure that any replacement batteries are IATA approved).
Ultimately, the airline has the right to refuse to carry any cargo that it deems unsafe or unfit for transport regardless of approval status although refusal to transport is very uncommon. The airline will also require the batteries to be isolated form the scooter and will either remove and / or disconnect them prior to flight at their own discretion.

Yes it is fine to leave your charger on during the day plugged in or if you prefer it is also OK to charge overnight. It is important to carefully follow the Battery Charging Instructions explained in full inside the Product Owners Manual. 

All scooters come with standard seats that will have flip up arms and are able to rotate 360 degrees to facilitate ease of getting on and off. The seats all have a standard height adjustment to allow for proper height positioning.The more deluxe the scooter, the better the seat gets. Some will have options such as a seat rail allowing the seat to slide forward and backwards for leg room adjustments. Reclining backs, high backs and head rest are other options available. 

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