Go Go® Ultra X


The ultimate high-performance scooter

It’s time to make your mark on this world! The Go Go Elite Traveller Sport offers simple disassembly and an ergonomic delta tiller, perfect for one-handed operation. Enjoy the versatility of this sporty scooter, as well as bright LED lighting. The stylish, high-performing Go Go Elite Traveller Sport features an innovative design with a full complement of unique standard features. A charger port conveniently located in the tiller, front and rear LED lighting, 8″ wheels at front and 9″ wheels rear, an additional 50 mm deck space, and an increased weight capacity of 147 kg are just a few features that make the Go Go Elite Traveller Sport an exceptional scooter choice.

Why Choose a Go Go Elite Traveller Sport?

Experience unique 4-wheel mobility. From the endless excitement of freedom and independence to exceptional portability, you can imagine your life without limits! Being able to keep up with your active lifestyle and living your best means everything to you, and now with the Go Go Elite Traveller Sport, you can enjoy the versatility of driving a compact mobility scooter that fits your every need. It features ample storage, simple navigation, and is so easy to transfer from your home, into your car, then to your destination.

Offering feather-touch disassembly, the Go Go Elite Traveller Sport is the perfect choice for the adventurer in you! Whether you are travelling close to home, on a trip or to the supermarket, whatever your need is, travel has never been easier! Scooter disassembly is a breeze. Five lightweight pieces break down for fast transport from fully ridable to fitting comfortably into most car trunks.

Let our LED lighting illuminate the path ahead as you trek and navigate into lowlight areas such as walkways within your community, grocery store parking lots and many other routes you may enjoy throughout your day.



Capadicad de carga 118 kg
Distancia al suelo 32 mm
Radio de giro 3-ruedas: 838 mm
4-ruedas: 1120 mm
Longitud total 3-ruedas: 940 mm
4-ruedas: 1003 mm
Anchura total 495 mm
Tipo de rueda 3-ruedas: Frontal: 203 mm (2″ x 8″) macizas
4-ruedas: Frontal: 178 mm (2″ x 7″) macizas
3- y 4-ruedas: Posterior: 203 mm (2.5″ x 8″) macizas
Autonomía por carga Hasta 18,4 km
Peso total sin paquete de baterías 3-ruedas: 34,5 kg
4-ruedas: 36,25 kg
Pieza más pesada una vez desmontado (sección frontal) 3-ruedas: 13,5 kg
4-ruedas: 15 kg
Asiento estándar Tipo: Moldeado
Material: vinilo negro Anchura: 432 cm
Profundidad: 432 cm
Peso: 10,4 kg
Sistema automotor Tracción posterior, transeje sellado con motor CC de 24 voltios
Sistema de frenos dual Recuperación y electromecánico
Requisitos de las baterías Tipo: Dos 12V, ciclo profundo
Tamaño: (Standard) 12 Ah; (Opcional) 18 Ah
Peso del paquete de baterías 12 Ah: 8,8 kg
18 Ah: 13,5 kg
Cargador de batería Cargador externo


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