Zero Turn 8


Powerful compact mobility scooter built for indoors and out

Your mobility has turned a corner with the Zero Turn 8, an innovative scooter equipped with iTurn Technology™, enabling you to maneuver this scooter through small spaces and around tight corners! Plus, enjoy full lighting, plenty of storage, and a USB charger.

It puts you closer to the things you care about. Search for hidden treasure deep inside the corner bookstore again, where the tight stacks in the back once limited you to the front, which only had the trendy books. Get reacquainted with your favorite cafe nook, where you and your friends love to gather and catch up.

The Zero Turn 8 offers Pride’s tightest maneuverability for a four-wheel mobility scooter. With iTurn Technology™, Pride’s exclusive zero-turn system, you can turn on a dime with a 946 mm radius. Scoot into the supermarket with confidence that no aisle or produce display will throw you off course. The Pride Zero Turn 8 mobility scooter gives you nimble navigation for weaving through all of it. Much like some riding lawn mowers, the independent rear wheels turn in opposite directions, allowing you to make breathtakingly tight turns in a snap. Live in an apartment? You’ll love it because you can turn in the elevator and get around inside your home.

Although the Zero Turn 8 is perfect for use indoor due to the tight turning radius, outdoor it also stands its ground. With the Comfort-Trac Suspension system, it’s easy to navigate uneven roads ahead. It’s powerful, with speeds up to 6,4 km/h and a 21 km range on a single charge. And, finally, it’s practical. With user-friendly features like LED headlights, a USB charging port for your devices, and Pride’s unique feather-touch disassembly system, it’s ready to go whenever you are.



Weight capacity 147 kg
Maximum speed 6,4 km/h
Ground clearance 33 mm
Turning radius 948 mm
Length 1162 mm
Width 525 mm
Tires Front: 7″ solid
Rear: 9″ solid
Range per charge Up to 17,7 km with 147 kg
Up to 21,2 km with 90,7 kg
Total weight without batteries 54 kg
Standard seating Type: Foldable plastic
Material: Black Vinyl
Width: 432 mm
Depth: 432 mm
Weight: 12 kg
Drive System 24-volt DC motor, rear-wheel drive, two-motor
Batteries Quantity: 2
Type: Sealed lead-acid, deep cycle
Size: 18 Ah
Battery weight 12,5 kg
Battery Charger 2 Amp off-board


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